Jessica Elleray


Jessica Elleray received her BA Hons in Fine Art and Creative Writing from Lancaster University in 2017. She lives in Silverdale with her husband, Jonny, and sprollie (springer x collie), Tilly. Jess also works as a curator, most recently organising an exhibition of national and international artists alongside co-curator Elinor Moore for the Lancaster Words Festival.

About the Artist

Walter Benjamin wrote that he who seeks to approach his own buried past, must conduct himself like a man digging. He could just as easily have written; buried story. The archeological ethics of patience, association and storytelling are reflective of the artist’s own, where in lies a similar devotion to detail, labour in process and the critical nature of context and concept.

Storytelling lies at the very core of her practice; its capacity to inform, challenge and dictate culture is unequalled and is an endless source of inspiration.

In Jessica’s practice, the artist becomes archeologist, uncovering untold stories and bringing them to light, reflecting on the relationships between people, places and objects. She works in a variety of media, particularly painting and sculpture, dependant on the conceptual needs of the project.

Her unique copper paintings represent these relationships in a physical way. In a relationship, both parties should have agency and by using natural processes over which the artist has limited control, Jessica allows for nature to join the conversation. These moments of risk often lead to the most successful elements of the finished painting.

Commissions accepted.

07419 122484