Elizabeth Shorrock

I began in textiles which led onto artists’ books. Gradually paper became more important than fabric and I developed a real urge to print. Some weekend workshops lead to a regular weekly course and I was hooked. As the daughter of a commercial printer, you could say the smell of printing ink was in my blood.

Much of my work has been done using lino cuts (although I actually use Japanese Vinyl not lino as I find it pleasanter to carve) I have tried to capture the profusion of flowers in summer meadows using this technique.

However, I use different printing techniques to suit the subject material and my recent work, inspired by many holidays in the Hebrides, uses both collagraph and etching to capture the atmosphere of this special place with its changing weather, amazing beaches, and low lying hills.

As well as presenting my work as framed prints and in mounts ready for framing I use them on the covers of a variety of styles of book and to create folded three-dimensional artists’ books.

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