Heather Marlow Stephenson

When the builders started to knock my house for six I was generously offered the chance to take refuge in Silverdale.  The vast skies and muddy expanses of Morecambe Bay have an other-worldly quality and the unexpected opportunity to live, for 5 weeks, overlooking the Bay has produced a new body of work ‘Out of the Blue’

I can barely express the phenomenon that is the ever-changing light and atmosphere on and over Morecambe Bay.  It is easy to say that one is familiar with the changes in tide and weather but only living second by second, minute by minute, hour by hour did I start to appreciate those nuanced, momentary, colour flashes, stripes, cloud formations and more that we live alongside.  After 5 trips to Antarctica I can honestly say, and never thought I would, that here is a parallel for me in visual heaven.

‘Out of the Blue’ is the ensuing and ongoing body of work I have begun to collate.  The title is telling in more ways than one.

People familiar with the area will know that the icing on the cake is the presence of waders, much beloved.

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