Alan Firth

Phone number: 07970 677 171
Facebook: alanfirth
Twitter: Arnsidealan

Alan grew up in Ainsworth, a small village outside Bolton. He has had no formal art training but art runs in his family as his father is also an accomplished artist.

Almost three years ago, after serving for thirty plus years on the front line with Greater Manchester Fire service, he relocated with his wife to Arnside, where he now serves as a Coastguard. Alan specialises in pencil drawings and drawings on old maps – the older the better as a used and creased map tells a story that adds to the general beauty of the overall finished picture.

These original works make an ideal personalised present for someone, capturing a unique moment with a pencil drawing or a memory of a special place or location on a map.

There are a range of local areas in the exhibition; however should you require something specifically tailored to your requirements, please contact Alan to arrange a commission.