Annakin Jewellery


Phone: 07729 797 720Facebook: @AnnakinJewelleryMaker
Website: @annakin.jewellery

Annakin Jewellery produces limited collections from hallmarked solid silver, 9ct, 18ct gold and 18ct Vermeil. The jewellery reflects elegance and simplicity whilst built for a lifetime of wearing. Annakin also specialised in repurposing jewellery using the metal and stones from unworn pieces to create a new much loved item. The customer is part of the exciting design process and the end resut always brings expressions of delight and amazement.

Anna has always belived that we should buy less and buy to last, to pass down the generations and to buy and collect for the love of it.

  • Feather Collar
  • Ribbon Brooch
  • Spoon Pendant