Anne Earnshaw Art


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As a child , Anne loved to paint and draw. She was first inspired by the Impressionist, especially Monet and his gardens.

Anne’s photographs are natural and  no digital manipulation is used. She acts spontaneously to her environment by creating photographs that capture sublime and ephemeral moments through the lens. Her images are thought provoking, stir emotions and encourage people to examine the natural beauty and fragility of our surroundings in the landscape.

Over the last 17 years Anne has focused on the detail in Nature,  mainly the close study of the   movement of patterns and reflections on water and she continues with this. Her  photographs have the quality of paintings, looking at colour, light and texture which are essential at  arriving at these unique, natural , abstract images that do not in fact resemble reality.  Over the last 12 years Anne has studied reflections on  Lake Windermere where her  family live in Cumbria.  Tarn How’s in the Lake District is one of Anne’s favourite places and enjoys photographing the seasons there,  where she enjoys  walks with her family and  Border Terrier Stanley.

Anne has studied Art from 2003 – 2008  and graduated in 2008 in Visual Arts BA (Hons) at Salford University,  where she became interested in the work of the American photographer Ansel Adams and his influences on the fragile landscape. She has continued her journey with  her Art since. Her work has been shown in various exhibitions in the North West and she  also enjoys working in schools with her Learning to See Workshop. Anne is part of the Sale Art Trail in Cheshire where she opens her studio and home to visitors. 

Anne has had many comments about her work , including curators:

Anne, ….an artist with a true vision!
James  (Gaia Project Liverpool)

The best art makes you see the world differently, the ordinary mundanes transformed to extraordinary and beautiful. Anne’s work does this.
Rani Moorthy

Wonderful evocation of life and movement. So much colour in such a simple set of forms.

Very interesting, and unusual, certainly thought provoking and reflective.

The detail that you have captured is incredible – you see it in a new light – I have never noticed the detail that you see and it is an eye opener.

There is something quite beautiful about the way Anne see’s her surroundings.