Anne Earnshaw


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Since 2003 I have studied the landscape and it’s seasons mostly in the Lake District appreciating the beauty around me . I have continued with my practise using photography as my main medium and visited these places where I love to walk . My main fascination and even obsession is when looking more closely at the reflections on water. These moving , rhythmic, ephemeral patterns are often made by the wind. 

I respond  to my surroundings expressing a whole new world of seeing. When looking at the Japanese term Wabi-Sabi this is looking at the simplicity of composition that refers to the impermanent, the unconventional  and a meditative state of mind, a way of being. 

I act spontaneously when I take a photograph that moment is important to me . I do not manipulate them . 

Anne Earnshaw 

Visual Arts BA (hons)

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