Application Types

For the fee, exhibitors get to take part in one of the most popular art events in the area, which draws visitors from across the country. As well as publicity, promotion, and signage.

Please note that the criteria for a Member is living or working within the AONB. If you are unsure view this map.

An Associate is someone who wants to exhibit but does not live within the AONB.

Members who apply are guaranteed a space, Associates have to go through a selection process.

Member Fee: £70/£95

  • Someone who lives or works in the AONB
  • Early bird fee of £70 is automatically applied if you submit your application before midnight February 14. Late-comers will pay the full Member’s fee of £95.

First-timers Fee: £50

  • Member criteria applies
  • If it’s your first time exhibiting on the trail

Volunteer Fee: £50

  • Member criteria applies
  • This is a reduced rate for people taking on significant and specific tasks for the trail.
  • Must apply before 14 February, not available after the early bird date as some roles start before the end of February.
  • Applying does not guarantee that you will receive discount as volunteer spaces are limited, and by applying you accept to pay the normal Early-bird fee if you are unsuccessful in getting a place.

Concession Rate: £30

  • Member criteria applies
  • For under 25s, those on benefits or receiving pension credits, charities etc… If you are unsure if you qualify for this discount please contact us.

Group Fee: £100

  • Established group within the AONB but not established specifically for the Art Trail.
  • Groups from outside the AONB need to apply as associates.
  • Responsible for sourcing out their own venue

Associate Fee: £140 + £10 application fee

  • An individual who does not live or work in the AONB, or a group who are based outside of the AONB but want to exhibit
  • £10 non refundable application fee to cover administration costs
  • Associates who take on a role in organising the trail can retrospectively request a discount after successful selection.

Business Fee: £200

  • For established businesses in the host villages, connected to art and craft.
  • This fee is for a business to exhibit as themselves, ie: a gallery, shop or artist’s studio selling work that is not exclusively by the exhibiting artist.
  • This fee does not apply for businesses where owners are offering the business purely as a venue space. This would mean they are removing their usual stock, and only displaying products and artworks by exhibitors.