Carrie Lucas – Wilderness Woven

Painting | Textile

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I am a felter, weaver, spinner, knitter and watercolour artist.   I create wool pictures/wallhangings, watercolour paintings, weave textile pieces and knit accessories.  I also have prints and greetings cards available of my felt and watercolour art. My work is inspired by the beauty of the landscape I see around me and its amazing wild creatures.  I love the change of seasons and how the light and colours alter throughout the year.  I like to think that all my art has a little stardust and magic sprinkled over it.  

I particularly love winter, I feel more inspired by the stark beauty of nature, by frost on leaves, by the softness and peace of snow and how it can completely transform the landscape into an other worldly magical kingdom.  I love anything to do with the Aurora Borealis and pine forests, standing stones, elusive wolves and hares and majestic stags and deer.   You’ll find these appearing a lot in my felt pictures or watercolour art.  Throughout my life I’ve spent a lot of time in the Hebrides on the West Coast of Scotland.     I love the traditional cottages or bothies that you see there scattered across the landscape so these show up quite a bit too.  I feel a strong connection to the Moon and she will appear almost all the time in my artwork.

For my wool and fibre pieces, whether it be spinning, knitting, felting or weaving I aim to purchase wool from lovely folk who run small businesses with the welfare of the sheep as their priority.  Most of my wool therefore comes from sheep sanctuaries or smallholders who let the sheep live out their full lives with respect and love.

I am very aware also of our environmental impact on this beautiful planet and am now avoiding using any plastic in my packaging so I aim to wrap everything in tissue paper/paper bags or card depending on the item in question.

Look forward to meeting you on this wonderful art and craft trail.

  • The Valley of the Goddess
  • The Winter Forest
  • Wild Shetland
  • Wildflowers and Woodland