Sam Rowena Taylor

Phone number: 07962 200 038Email: elfinalchemyInstagram: elfinalchemy Beautiful wearable jewel art, sculptural beaded wirework and fused glass jewellery. Abstract designs inspired by nature, […] Read More

Mary-Jane Makes

Phone number: 07818 004 258Email: Jane CaldwellInstagram: Jane_m_caldie I love flowers and I love jewellery so what better but to combine the two?  Pressed […] Read More

Fedha Designs

Phone number: 07775 905 276Email: fedhadesigns@gmail.comWebsite: fedhadesigns.comInstagram: fedhadesigns Fedha jewellery is handmade by me, Michele, and embodies a passion for simple, elegant design. I make […] Read More

Cheryl Morgan

Website: My passion for sterling silver jewellery began in 2011 while learning the art of working with precious metal. Captivated by the process involved I […] Read More

Annabel J Humber Jewellery

Phone number: 01539 728 600Email: silverajh@yahoo.comWebsite: www.annabelhumber.comInstagram: AJHJewellery Growing up in the Lake District instilled in me a love of nature that is reflected in […] Read More