Delcia McNeil

Phone number: 07515 807 366
Facebook: delcia.mcneil
Twitter: delciamcneil
Instagram: delcia.mcneil

As well as being an artist, I am a psychotherapist and energy healer. My mixed media paintings are generally – though not entirely – abstract and inspired by metaphysical and human themes, such as healing, spirituality, communication, relationships, consciousness, and the interface of energy and matter. I have a deep interest in the relationship between the mind and the physical body, and a love of the natural world.

For the last six years I have been using the ipad as a tool for artistic development. Over the last twenty years I have been selling my original paintings, mounted prints of paintings, digital art, photographs, & cards. My sold work is in the UK, America, New Zealand, France, Spain and Italy.  I have had many solo & group exhibitions in Cumbria, Lancashire and London.