Delcia McNeil

Mixed Media

Phone: 01515 807 366Facebook: delcia.mcneil
Email: delcia.mcneil@gmail.comTwitter: delciamcneil
Website: https://delciamcneil.artweb.comInstagram: delcia.mcneil

As well as being a practising artist, I am also a psychotherapist and energy healer, having worked in the field of mental and physical health for over forty years.  

Together with a love of nature and landscape, I am deeply connected to emotional processes and the movement, form, light and colour of subtle energies.  My paintings are inspired by metaphysical and human themes, such as relationships, the physical body, healing, spirituality, the unconscious mind, cosmology and quantum mechanics.  I am permanently open to new ways of creating and perceiving.

I work mostly abstractly in mixed media and I constantly experiment.  Sometimes I will have a clear picture in my mind of a theme and this can come through a meditation process.  At other times the meaning of the work emerges and becomes clear on completion.  Over the last seven years I have been developing skills in ipad painting and using the ipad as a tool to develop my paintings and photography.

  • Early Spring in Lockdown III
  • From Darkness to Light
  • From Spring to Summer Lockdown I
  • Wanting to burst out lockdown II