Delcia McNeil


Phone: 07515 807 366Facebook: @delcia.mcneil
Email: delcia.mcneil@gmail.comTwitter: @delciamcneil
Website: https://delciamcneil.artweb.comInstagram: @delcia.mcneil

My abstract paintings have been described as powerful, colourful, interesting, and inspirational. They are experimental, visceral, and unusual. I am influenced by a number of art movements, particularly Abstract Expressionism (eg. Mark Rothko, Lee Krasner, Frank Bowling). My own explorations into consciousness, emotions, healing, cosmology, the natural world, and our human responses to external events lead me to being continually open to new ways of creating and perceiving.

I am always experimenting and love to play with colour, texture, movement, shapes, and different media. Sometimes I will have a clear picture in my mind of a theme and this can come through a meditative or reflective process. At other times a meaning for the work emerges and becomes clear on completion. Sometimes images are simply celebrations of colour.

Over the last eleven years I have been learning to use my ipad as a tool for creating drawings and paintings, and to digitally develop original paintings and photography.

For the last twenty six years I have been exhibiting in many galleries and selling original paintings, prints and photographs.

  • Cellular
  • Earth Energy
  • Hot Drama
  • Moon