Ellie Moore

Phone number: 07907 767 877
Email: elliemoore_fineart@outlook.com
Website: www.elliemoorefineart.co.uk
Facebook: EllieMooreFineArt

Storytelling, history and biology are the core interests fuelling my work. I’m attracted to intricate structures, and subjects that suggest a hidden narrative; they range from vast landscape views to quiet still life studies and anatomical sketches.

Much of my painting stems from hiking, and is as much about the areas I haven’t explored – the valleys in the distance, or the cave on the far shore – as it is about the landscape I see up-close. I paint the aspects of a place that seem to hold stories and a dash of mystery, as well as intricate close-up views of natural structures. I’m particularly interested in traces of historic and Prehistoric people, in the remains of their structures or the enduring aspects of the landscape they inhabited.

I work from photographs, and the process of rendering the subject in paint is a kind of exploration of it, and often leads me down research rabbit holes about the object or area and its stories. 

I paint in miniature as well as life-sized and in between, depending on what I want to draw out of the subject. I enjoy pouring a vast landscape into a painting the size of a playing card, but also enjoy bringing a life-sized illusion to a wall in a trompe- l’oeil painting.

A sense of texture is important in my work, and attention to detail, which comes from my love of craftsmanship.