Emma Louise Wilson

Ceramics | Mixed Media

Phone: 07926 167 888Facebook: @elwceramics
Email: info@emmalouisewilson.co.ukTwitter: @elwceramics
Website: www.emmalouisewilson.co.ukInstagram: @elwceramics

Emma creates a variety of art in a range of mediums. Her main focus is ceramics. The fine qualities of porcelain, enable Emma to create highly textured, detailed and refined pieces that are unlike anything seen on the high street. Using a variety of techniques and materials, including her porcelain, Emma creates contemporary wall art, that would not look out of place in either a modern or traditional home. Emma’s inspiration comes from many different areas, including the natural world and simple daily observations. Pieces include bowls, dishes, vases, ceramic hangings and mixed media wall art.

  • Porcelain Pictures
  • Skinny Hangings
  • Vase
  • Winter Sun