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My love of jewellery-making began over a decade ago when I attended a local evening class teaching silversmithing techniques. I was immediately hooked and over time have developed my skills and designs. I have a workshop at my home in a very tranquil part of rural north Lancashire just a stone’s throw from the Lake District and enjoy selling to the public at makers’ events both locally and further afield. As I explain on my website, I make the kind of jewellery I like to wear, inspired in part by clean architectural lines and forms. I am drawn to designs which are pared-back, understated and simple and often start with a vague idea which develops into something more concrete during the making process. I love the practical and artistic side of jewellery-making but also the science that underlies it. Understanding this is key to knowing which designs will work and which won’t. Many of my most recent pieces combine silver and gold, with gold foil being applied to the silver using an ancient Korean gilding technique called Keum Boo that brings together the use of heat and pressure to create a bond. Each piece of Fedha jewellery is handmade by me. There is no space for short cuts or “mass production” and I hope this is reflected in the quality of the jewellery. Most of my silver and gold jewellery is stamped with my own hallmark.

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