Grounded Lino


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My current series of linoprints are all text based and play with the literal and double meaning of words. The phrases or statements will, I hope, connect to different people for varying reasons, ranging from humour to a deeper sense of purpose. The square format is neither landscape nor portrait. My methodology is essentially to note words down when they feel significant, so inevitably the series has a type of personal narrative to it. I’m intentionally printing these in a less traditional way, in that I press the inked linoleum onto paper using hand pressure (with a dry roller) to get the look I want, which is a worn rubber stamp style. I love how the ink grabs the paper differently with each print (the outcome is unpredictable) producing a one off print each time. This runs counter to the purpose of printmaking that seeks to make identical multiples.

  • again again again
  • do your own thing
  • stop trying to fit in
  • spider in the bath