Heather Marlow Stephenson

Email: heathers@manx.net
Website: www.heathermarlowstephenson.co.uk

This artist has work in the Outdoor Art Trail at Venue 20.

The images I present are chosen from larger bodies of work that are the result of long, immersive projects.  Often my aim is to make an image that evokes in the viewer a sense of calm, questioning or in the case of flying birds a sense of being part of the flock. 

Though lately my work has been based close to home I do hope to be back in the wider world soon and anticipate a sixth trip to Antarctica to complete a project started in 2012.  The camera is my paint palette.  The photographs have a painterly feel or graphic quality in the case of these new images.

The amazing murmurations of starlings are famous, nowhere more so than here in the AONB of Arnside and Silverdale.  This winter past the numbers of roosting starlings reached 100,000, according to the count at RSPB Leighton Moss.

Prior to the main event flocks of birds begin to gather on roofs, wires and in trees, often dropping down into fields for a last snack of grubs and leather jackets, then back up on to their chosen perches until they consider it is time to go. 

It is this activity that I started photographing through the bedroom window!  Now, forming a small series of images, shot no further away from there and a local chum’s backdoor, I have decided to print a selection.  I realise this is a break from my wader and seabird tradition but it is high time I paid homage to these plucky, comical and beautiful little ‘Superstar-lings’.

On sale or available to order will be dibond prints, prints, cards and postcards.