Jacqueline Smith

Paper | Textile

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As a textile artist, with a passion for what I do, I like to produce hand-painted illustrations on handmade paper, cotton, silk and canvas. I enjoy working with inks, collage, paints, mixed media, layers and stitch to create original artwork, which are mainly framed and sold in galleries. With a background and training in Textiles at Winchester School of Art, I have always loved drawing and painting and love exploring themes of nature, birds, flowers, landscapes, coastal, campervans and imaginative journeys are some of the themes found in my work.

I draw and paint from memories, often of places I have been, taking inspiration from drawings in sketchbooks along the way. My paintings often have a whimsical childlike quality – evoking memories of journeys and childhood memories of car journeys, passing through lanes and fields and the countryside, seeing houses with washing blowing passing by…

I often incorporate layers of paper, manuscript, words, quotes and music which often appear in my pieces. I particularly enjoy working large scale and working on an easel, allowing the paint and material to shape the flow of the finished piece of work, building the richness up with layers as I go along.

I produce my work in the studio, using all the gorgeous materials and colours I have around me to work with.

From here, I also offer classes and workshops for people to come and explore their own creativity and have a go! I also run lots of workshops in schools and love the way that children draw and paint which never fails to inspire! I feel their spontaneous energy in filling a piece of paper, the way they create marks, a reminder of the importance of being playful, experimenting and enjoying the process, which I try to do in all aspects of my own creativity.

  • Sheltering Harbour
  • Cottages
  • Landscape
  • Golden Harvest