James Park


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Growing up and living in Silverdale, I have always been surrounded by stunning and inspiring scenery. I consider myself lucky to experience such a variety of places amid an ever changing backdrop on a daily basis and could not imagine living or working anywhere else. Believing that even the most familiar spaces offer a novel and inspiring background at different times and seasons, I rarely leave the house without my camera in case an opportunity arises. I also enjoy venturing out into new places within the area as well, though I even sometimes still discover unfamiliar corners in Silverdale itself!
My passion for photography has been growing steadily over the years. I especially like experimenting with different methods in order to get the most out of an image. I love using the dramatic effects that you can get from various techniques and enjoy creating powerful monochrome images as well as vivid colour landscapes. My images tend to reflect the overall beauty of the Lancashire/Cumbria borders, as well as highlighting the intricacies in the objects of nature that we so easily pass by on our walks.
I hope you enjoy my pictures as much as I enjoy taking them!

  • Down the Wild Garlic Path
  • Flecks of Gold
  • Starscape at the Cove
  • Statuesque