Jan Huntley Peace

Sculpture | Jewellery

Phone: 07554 957 525Facebook: jan.huntleypeace
Email: jan.huntleypeace@hotmail.co.ukTwitter: 
Website: www.janhuntleypeace.co.ukInstagram: janhuntleypeace

Award winning artist Jan uses print and frottage to capture, reveal and reflect on a moment in time using the human form, clothing and bird imagery to express ideas of transition and transformation. Her work occupies an ambiguous space between the real and the symbolic- reality and myth. 

She started her career in couture dressmaking with Zandra Rhodes and went on to work with Jean Muir, David and Elizabeth Emmanuel and also in an international capacity for the Queens dressmaker, Norman Hartnell. Jan works mainly in porcelain and a variety of found objects and techniques to produce unique pieces of ‘Art to Wear’  and produces figurative sculptures portraits and small vessels.  

Jan studied fine art at Chelsea School of Art and is a graduate of the Byam Shaw where she studied sculpture.www.janhuntleypeace.co.uk /jan.huntleypeace@hotmail.co.uk

  • Flower Heads
  • Flower Heads
  • Gloved Hands
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