Jessica Elleray

Phone number: 07419 122 484
Facebook: jessicaellerayartist
Twitter: jessicaelleray
Instagram: jessicaelleray

This artist has work in the Outdoor Art Trail at Venue 20.

Jessica Elleray received her BA Hons in Fine Art and Creative Writing from Lancaster University in 2017 and is currently working on her Masters at the University of Glasgow. She lives in Silverdale and works from her studio at Halecat House in Witherslack, Cumbria. Awards to date include the Dean’s Art Prize, 2017 and the Chrysalis Bursary and Development program, 2018-2020.

About the Artist
Storytelling lies at the core of Jessica’s practice; its capacity to inform, challenge and dictate culture is unequaled and an endless source of inspiration. It is arguably one of the most natural and universal of human activities. Unfortunately some stories get lost or hidden and rarely influence the master narratives through which we understand the world around us.

In Jessica’s practice, the artist becomes archaeologist, uncovering these untold stories and bringing them to light; reflecting on the relationships between people, places and objects.  Walter Benjamin wrote that he who seeks to approach his own buried past, must conduct himself like a man digging. He could just as easily have written; buried story. The archaeological ethics of patience, association and storytelling are reflective of the artist’s own. Where in lies a similar devotion to detail, labour in process and the critical nature of context and concept.

But where archaeology looks to create a familiar narrative in otherness, Jessica invites personal interpretation and engagement. Working in her chosen mediums of painting and sculpture, she seeks to start a conversation – to invite viewers to own their own experience.

For the trail she will be exhibiting new work, as well as presenting developmental pieces for upcoming project ‘Copper Veins’ a collaboration with Siobhan Miles-Moore launching at the end of July.