Judith Favret Papermaker


Phone: 07828 846 748Facebook: Judith Favret Paper Maker
Website: www.judithfavretpapermaker.co.ukInstagram: judithfavretpapermaker

The art of papermaking is a passion of mine. I work with plant fibres and natural dyes to create handmade paper that has a uniqueness of its own in texture and colour.

Paper can be made from any plant. I have three favourites that I use, New Zealand flax, maize leaves and thistle down. I also like to experiment and have tried banana skins, marigold petals, grass and rhubarb, to name just a few. Each fibre has its own unique characteristic.

I often enhance my papers by using natural dyes. I find that the colours produced give subtle shades in harmony with the quality of the product. 

I enjoy following the whole process from start to finish, collecting the plant from the fields, processing it into a pulp, dying, pulling a piece of paper then making these sheets into the final products.

Using these papers, I create a variety of pieces, lampshades and pictures that reflect the hills and landscapes of Cumbria, to jewellery and unusual decorations.

  • Tealights
  • Large Lampshades
  • Leaf and Flower Lampshades
  • Birds