King Street Studios

Phone number: 07743 238 663

This collective will be running a workshop over the trail weekend, please visit the workshops page for details and to pre-book your place.

King Street Studios Associates are a recently formed group of artist who meet monthly to exchange and share ideas and opportunities, skill share, organise gallery visits, drink and draw sessions. We are an evolving peer support network looking for opportunities to exhibit work and develop our individual artistic practices. Members come from a variety of backgrounds, some have curatorial experience, some art degrees, some are self-taught; but essentially all have a passion for art and work across different disciplines: print making, painting, ceramics, drawing and mixed media.

Current Members putting work forward for consideration for SAACT: Fay Collins, Barbara Holt, Neil Jackson, Kath McDonald, Rosa Mackinder, Grace Owen, Lynne Shaw, Roy Smith, Jean Stewart.

A list of artist whose work is being put forward for inclusion in the SAAT can be seen on the following website along with some artist information: