Lee Gascoyne

Phone number: 07806 784 803
Email: leegascoyne@gmail.com
Website: www.leegascoyne.com
Twitter: leegascoyne
Instagram: leegascoyne_artist

This artist has work in the Outdoor Art Trail at Venue 20.

My studio practice is explorative and spontaneous. I tend to have a main painting that I am working on, alongside experimental painting sketches on paper. The paper experiments help keep my approach loose, allowing uncontrived elements or mistakes to feed into my larger paintings. These larger paintings are predominantly related to my ongoing exploration of the nature of painting, optics (lenses and convex mirrors) and the painted surface.

I aim to create intriguing and beautiful paintings with a layered conceptual narrative, incorporating figurative elements alongside and within strong abstract surfaces. I work in all different medium, but currently prefer acrylic on polyester, which I think is a very good support for acrylic paint. Often I collage works on paper into a painting (or pieces of fabric or cardboard) and use the highest quality Liquitex artist paints and mediums. I build and stretch all my own paintings from scratch.