Louise Townsend

Sculpture | Collage

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Louise Townsend
Environmental Artist

I trained in Birmingham between 1988-1992 and was influenced by the works of the Dada artist Kurt Schwitters and two present day artists: Andrew Coates and Derek Horton. I collect discarded items, discovering these whilst on walks by the shoreline, down the street, car parks, on the canal. We will spot something whilst driving and go back to collect it. This process for me is full of anticipation and promise. I look for fascination form and function. Pieces that have been used in industry and from nature. Then the inspiration happens, I work with my collection of wood, metal (the rustier the better), plastic, stone, pot; whatever inspires me.
My environmental art consists of a fusion of collage, construction and sculpture. As an artist my work has evolved over time and some of my pieces have incorporated lights. When placed correctly they can cast fascinating shadows. I create pieces that can be displayed inside or outside. Sculptures on your garden table, or plaques on an outside wall. I have also created a number of free standing sculptures. I have sold a number of pieces on line and created some commissions. I look forward to seeing how my work continues to evolve over time.
These are just a few examples of my pieces.
  • Inside or Out
  • Not Always Black or White
  • Parsons Nose
  • The Only Way is Up