Louise Townsend

Sculpture | Collage

Phone: 07456 051 368Facebook: 
Website: Instagram: @environmental_art_louiset

My name is Louise Townsend and I am an environmental artist.

My work isf a fusion of collage, construction and sculpture.

I use found objects (the rustier the better) from roads, canals, the shoreline-in fact anywhere. I incorporate both natural and manmade discarded items in my pieces.

When working I look at the shapes, textures, colours and form and how they can work together to fuse into a piece of art. 

Recently I have been experimenting with using light in some of my pieces and have been excited by the added element of shadow within my work.

This would be my first time exhibiting at the Silverdale and Arnside art trail having visited last year and been amazed by the diverstiy and callibre of the work on show.

  • Lead the Way
  • Chained Up
  • Locked Down