Miles-Moore Ceramics

Phone number: 07921 849 463
Facebook: milesmooreceramics
Twitter: MilesMooreClay
Instagram: MilesMooreClay

This artist will be running a workshop over the trail weekend, please visit the workshops page for details and to pre-book your place.

This artist has work in the Outdoor Art Trail at Venue 20.

Miles-Moore Ceramics is the studio and life collaboration between artists Siobhan and Martin Miles-Moore. Proud winners of the Cumbria Life Culture Awards 2019, Best Designer/Makers. Current artists in Residence at The Brathay Trust.

We work closely together to design and make ceramics ranging from fine dining ware for restaurants, tea ware for ceremonial use and private/public sculptural commissions. All our work is deeply embedded with a sense of place, using local minerals and wood ashes to produce wares and art which reflect and continue the cultural, industrial and artistic heritage of the glorious landscape that surrounds us.

Our work, whilst individually distinct, is connected by a mutual and deep commitment to treading as lightly on the planet as we can. The quest for environmental sustainability within our artistic endeavour has seen us using ‘industrial waste’ from mines, quarries and stone works as well as waste wood ash from local kilns, all of which would have ended up in land fill, to produce beautiful glaze finishes throughout our range of work.