Nicola Hunter-Dale

Phone number: 07868 175 973
Facebook: Nicola Hunter-Dale
Instagram: nhunterdale

This artist has work in the Outdoor Art Trail at Venue 20.

My name is Nik Hunter-Dale. I am a P.E. Teacher and Artist. As a teacher, my passion is to pass on knowledge and understanding plus have fun in the process. As an artist, I simply love creating beautiful pieces of art.

All my work (ceramics and glass fusion) is handmade and fired at my home in Levens, Kendal, Cumbria. The reason I use porcelain clay is because I love how clean it is after firing plus I like my work to appear exceptionally delicate, which means manipulating it as thin as I can. Porcelain is a strong, vitreous, translucent ceramic material, which is perfect to look delicate but in actual fact be truly tough.

My pieces are purely ornamental, intended for beautiful people as gifts or to brighten up your own home with some loveliness. I use fine pieces of antique lace to print onto the clay. It is then biscuit fired so it becomes strong enough to under glaze, mainly with blues and turquoise, as these are my favourite colours and of course, colour highlights the pretty lace detail. There is varying degrees of translucency in my pieces depending on the form and thinness of clay.

Fusing glass together is a wonderful and beautifully effective technique. A wide range of results can regularly be achieved through simple techniques plus it’s a lot of fun. The hardest part is getting the kiln at the perfect temperature to achieve great pieces every firing. As with porcelain I love the translucency of glass and the wonderful effects light and colour can create on mood and beauty in the home.

I also mix both these media together  – some of my best pieces occur through experimenting and the challenge is remembering what I did in order to replicate the success. I love the fun of developing an idea and creating a finished piece.