Sam Rowena Taylor

Phone number: 07962 200 038
Facebook: elfinalchemy
Instagram: elfinalchemy

Beautiful wearable jewel art, sculptural beaded wirework and fused glass jewellery. Abstract designs inspired by nature, the elements and our ancient ancestors. Jewellery created with a bit of magic and sparkle by jewellery artist, Sam Rowena Taylor at her rural Lancashire studio-workshop.

I’m fascinated by colour and light, how they interact to give us sparkle and rainbows, and I try to capture some of this magic in my work, transforming the raw materials of glass, shells, gemstones and wire into unique beauties. My skills, knowledge and unique jewellery designs have developed from what began as a hobby many years ago. All the different experiences – from studying and working in design to teaching – have all helped me to develop my own style of work.