Terms and Conditions

Silverdale and Arnside Art and Craft Trail – Information for Exhibitors and Hosts

Terms and Conditions

Aims of the Trail

  • To encourage creativity within the community
  • To promote and showcase the work of amateurs and professionals within the AONB. (Area of outstanding natural beauty)
  • To bring a creative range of arts and crafts within everyone’s experience.
  • To enable visitors to observe and participate in creative activities.


  • The Trail is a community event, organised by volunteers to encourage “ownership” by all the participants.
  • Exhibitors and others work co-operatively, contributing to tasks, sharing knowledge and positively promoting and supporting the event.

How to Become an Exhibitor – Eligibility and Fees


  • All exhibitors’ submissions must be original and creative and be produced by them. We encourage exhibitors to include recent work in order to keep the Trail varied and interesting for the visitors.
  • The different categories of exhibitor are: Member, Group member and Associate-member.
  • Please note the incentive fee for early application of Members!

Member Fees:

£40.00 per individual, (U21, concessions/income support £20.00) if application is made BEFORE FEBRUARY 14th. Entry Fee is £55 if application made after this date

  • A Member is anyone who currently lives or works within the AONB. (See below for definition of AONB boundaries)

Please note that if ex-members wish to apply as associates then consideration may be given to previous involvement so please list details on your application form.

Group Member Fees:

£50.00 per group if application is made BEFORE 14 February. (£70 if entry made after this date.)

  • A Group member is an established group that exists within the AONB, (but not specifically established for the Art Trail). Eg. Existing groups are Silverdale Art Group and Silverdale Upholstery. (Groups are responsible for organising their own venues.)

Associate Member Fees:

£10 to apply. (Non refundable) Followed by balance of £70.00 upon notification of successful application. (U21, concessions/income support£10 to apply, £10 to pay upon selection).

  • An Associate memberis an individual who does not live or work within the AONB but who wishes to exhibit.
  • Associate member numbers are limited and applications will go through a selection process. Associate member applications must be made on the correct application form by the deadline of the end of February together with an accompanying cheque for £10. This is non-refundable and will be used to cover administration costs.
  • Selection will be undertaken by a committee and successful candidates will be informed by 14 March of that Trail year with balance of fees due immediately.

Early Application Incentive

If MEMBERS apply by the 14 FEBRUARY the entry fee will be £40. If application is made after this date entry fee will be £55.

DEADLINE FOR ALL applications is the last day of FEBRUARY of that Trail year.

All entry fees must be paid by the 14 March otherwise the application is void.

Other Interested Parties

  • We welcome interest from hosts and supporters who may wish to volunteer ideas and labour as well as venue space. Please contact the coordinators.

Eligibility for Reduced Fees – Workshops/Activities

  • The Trail actively encourages ideas from those individuals and groups interested in providing workshops or demonstrations, which are a crucial element of the Trail philosophy. If your proposal offers a teaching/interactive element of a minimum of 4 hours throughout the weekend, then you may be eligible for a 25% reduction in entry fees. Please put details on your application form; eligibility for the reduced fees will be at the discretion of the Trail coordinators.

Eligibility for Reduced Fees – Undertaking Specific Tasks

  • The Main Trail Coordinators are eligible for a 100% reduction in entry fee due to the workload and voluntary commitment.
  • Individuals who take on key voluntary roles, such as group coordinators, may be eligible for reduced fees. This will be dependent on workload and at the discretion of the main coordinators.
  • All exhibitors are expected to undertake some tangible task, to demonstrate commitment and encourage participatory ownership of the Trail which thrives and survives with this voluntary labour. How you can help is detailed in the Trail Organisation section. (Small tasks are not eligible for a reduction in fees).

Definition of AONB Boundaries

  • Arnside, Silverdale, Warton, Yealands, Storth, Sandside, Beetham, Carr Bank and Slack Head. It extends to the coast on the West, A6 in the East, Dallam Tower to the North and Warton to the South.

What do the Fees Cover?

  • The fees are used for; promoting and advertising the Art Trail; website; catalogue; cost of some of the public venues.
  • As an exhibitor the fee entitles you to:
  • A page on the Art Trail website
  • Inclusion in a professionally designed catalogue
  • Extensive advertising and publicity, including posters and flyers for the Art Trail
  • Each exhibitor is entitled to 1 free catalogue and additional copies at ½ price.


  • Some exhibitors take responsibility for finding their own venues. They may show their work in their own homes, studios or workshops, often combined with colleagues to create a joint venue.
  • Some joint/public venues are provided by the Trail.
  • Formal Groups are required to provide and manage their own venues.
  • There is limited exhibition space for associate-members, which will be allocated on availability and selection.
  • *If you are unable to arrange your own venue put ‘guest venue wanted’ in the appropriate space on your registration form.
  • *If you have additional space at your own venue for other exhibitors then include this on the registration form also.

Application Process Via On-Line Registration Form

  • Registration will open/commence at the start of the New Trail year (Check website for dates).
  • All potential exhibitors are required to complete the on-line registration form and submit associated images and fees before the deadline of midnight of the end of February of the Trail year**.

Please note: Registration is not complete until the coordinator is in receipt of completed application form, required images and appropriate fee. (All details are on the registration Form).

  • ** Please note that if members apply before the 14 February the fee will be £40. After the 14th February the fee will be £55.

Completion Guidelines

  • Exhibitors are required to input personal contact details but please note that personal addresses are not displayed on the web or in the catalogue. Only venue addresses are displayed in the catalogue. If you do not have a venue arranged put ‘guest venue wanted’ on your form.
  • Exhibitors are required to submit images and text for inclusion in the Trail website and catalogue. We require 3 images of your work and one of yourself. All will be used on the website and one image of your work will be used in the catalogue. Images should be of a good standard and coordinators are not responsible for cropping/realigning images.
  • Groups should submit 3 images that are representative of the groups work. (One additional image can be of the group members but this is not essential).
  • Comprehensive text about your work can be included with your website entry but text is limited to 40 words max for inclusion in the catalogue. You will be required to supply this on your application form.
  • Space is provided on the registration form to list any special skills that you are able to share with the Trail, or how you will contribute to trail tasks. (See Trail Organisation)
  • Exhibitors are also required to distribute promotional material, (see Trail Promotion) Choices can be made on registration form.
Fees should be paid by BACS or cheque , payable to’ SAACT’ and sent to, Jessica Elleray, 29 Lindeth Road, Silverdale, LA5 0TT.  Cheques should be dated 1st March of that Trail year.
Please request banking details if you wish to pay via BACS.

Summary of Terms and Conditions

The Trail Organisers Have a Commitment to:

  • Advertising extensively in various publications and formats.
  • Production of catalogues
  • Establishment of website
  • Management of finances
  • Provision and support for group/public venues
  • Liaison with workshop facilitators
  • Signage provision and distribution to exhibitors
  • Enabling exhibitors to express views via meetings and email
  • The trail takes no commission but individuals may make their own arrangements or donate to charity
  • Support and advise exhibitors
  • The trail coordinators reserve the right to decline an application
  • Researching and applying for grant funding as applicable
  • Collection/collation of feedback from visitors, exhibitors and workshops.

All Exhibitors Have a Commitment to

  • Apply by the Registration Deadline with all relevant images, text and fees.
  • Respond to communications and attend meetings as appropriate.
  • Contribute to committees and allocated tasks as agreed.
  • Distribute flyers, posters in a designated area and manage signage for their own venue.
  • Proof read their own catalogue, web site and map location entries.
  • Contribute to the event by promoting it and sharing information with potential visitors and new exhibitors.
  • Become familiar with all aspects of the Trail in order to provide information to visitors.
  • Ensure that their exhibiting space is manned at all times as stated in the catalogue
  • Collect feedback forms/prize draw/competition forms and return them to the coordinators.
  • Return Trail property after the event, (eg. signs, stationery, screens/ other resources).

For any further enquiries, please contact the Trail co-ordinators at trail@silverdalearttrail.co.uk