The Edge of Chaos

Painting | Music

Phone: 07850 436 482Facebook: @makinitup
Email: rob.bee@mac.comTwitter: @Robbeesax

We are a fun, interesting, slightly strange mix of music, dance and Painting!

Ric, Rob and Sam will create beautiful, occasionally challenging, soundscapes full of rhythm and love for the Kent Estuary!

The Edge of Chaos (Established 2005) is a multi-media performance using improvisation to explore how different media can interact and stimulate each other.

We’re full of new ideas and inspirations for 2022

Audience members are invited to join in! Either with a paintbrush to add to the canvass being created or to dance, sing, recite poetry… whatever.  If something ‘feels right’ in the moment – go for it!

We aim to create a friendly, supportive, fun atmosphere suitable for all ages to either just watch and enjoy, or to join in if the urge takes you. 

“Each improvisation takes on a life of its own.  There is no score but performers are encouraged to interconnect across the media and to maintain the performance in the area between stasis and chaos i.e. at the edge of chaos – where creativity and life come into being”. Ric White 2005


Ric White Saxophone, Flute and Electronic wizardry. 

Rob Bee Piano Sax and paintbrush.

Serenity Sam  Percussion, movement and beauty. 

‘Edge of Chaos’ Paintings and drawings on both paper and canvas will be for sale at the venue throughout the Art Trail event.

  • Tempête de Mer
  • Along the Way
  • Approach
  • For Sure