The Fusion Shed


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Janet and Kate are a mother and daughter pair working with glass from their little shed in the garden in Slyne. Many hobbies such as knitting, weaving and spinning have been tried by the pair before buying on a whim, a microwave kiln. Quickly falling in love with working with glass they created small items such as jewellery and Christmas tree ornaments, they began to want to do more experimenting and develop their skills, this meant they soon outgrew the small kiln, soon investing in a much larger electric kiln that they use today.

Prior to the pandemic they both attended many craft shows, selling all manner of decorative glass items ensuring they have earned themselves a loyal band of fans, who like to add to their own collections.

Freestanding glass ornaments in wave and dome shapes form the backbone of the collection. Small decorative pieces standing on wooden blocks complement the hanging decorations and seasonal designs that always prove popular. After experimenting and refining their products the pair concentrate predominately on influences from nature. This means lots of their designs are covered with plants and flowers or seaside themes, they are all bright and colourful.

A further development is the increased use of a technique call ‘fossil vitra’ in their art work. This technique uses dried leaves and flowers which are covered with fine glass before firing in the kiln. These leaves burn off but leave an impression of the real thing. This unusual technique adds an extra dimension and certainly is a talking point!

Glass and Christmas decoration are a really great pairing and the weeks running up to this seasonal event are an especially busy time, glass ornaments look lovely with light or flames shining through them.

Working with glass is a slow art, once the designs are completed and cut out of special sheet art glass the pieces are transferred to the kiln where the temperature rises slowly over a long period of time before melting the glass just enough to give the desired form before very slowly cooling to prevent the glass shattering before you even see it. Most of the time the glass, the kiln and the artists behave and beautiful works of art are created – it’s never dull in the shed!

  • Orange Wave
  • Handwoven boot laces
  • Poppy
  • Animal Pair