Trail Organisation

The Trail is organised by a small group of Voluntary Key Coordinators.

The key coordinators oversee the whole organisation of the Trail and collaborate with other individuals to get specific tasks completed.

Each exhibitor is then expected to contribute to tasks to ensure the success and smooth running of the trail. It is only through this volunteer labour that the Trail continues to thrive and survive.

The key coordinators

They are responsible for the overall smooth running of the Art Trail. Briefly, their responsibilities include; setting the criteria for exhibiting and coordinating calendar dates; liaising closely with all the exhibitors, work groups and other individuals; creating content and collation of all exhibitor info to produce a working catalogue and website; managing the finances; locate shared/public venues within the AONB and coordinate/manage these venues.

Group and steering group meetings

Open group meetings are used present new initiatives and ideas, open registration, hand out publicity info etc.. Steering group meetings are used to discuss new proposals, developments and changes and to allocate tasks.  The meetings are a great way to get involved and meet your fellow exhibitors and volunteers. All meeting dates are circulated to the whole group to encourage attendance and inclusion.

Sharing the workload and how you can help

On your application form you are required to pledge your time against a particular task or work area. There are three distinct areas of workload involved in managing/delivering the Trail. A brief outline of these work areas and tasks is given below.

Publicity and marketing tasks

Tasks might include; Marketing; writing/circulating press releases for local news and parish magazines; website marketing; social media networking; advertising for the catalogue involving liaising with local businesses; collating advertiser fees and artworks; organising photo calls and radio interviews with the press; putting up banner signage; laminating posters; window displays.

Venues and workshop tasks

Tasks might include; Coordinating/managing the public venues, including meeting exhibitor needs, venue signage and direction, checking map etc; explore, promote, provide and coordinate workshops.

Distribution and logistic tasks

Tasks might include; administration; allocating areas and distributing promotional material to exhibitors and hosts, including banners, catalogues, posters and flyers; collect and collate visitor data information; putting up directional/warning signage; managing catalogue sales outlets; doing specific flyer drops, ie. To local T.I centres or local primary schools.

What to do next

List your skills or preferred tasks on your registration form or just nominate a general work area that you would like to help with. Come along to meetings and enjoy the interaction with your fellow exhibitors. Your support will be very much appreciated.

Through volunteer labour the Trail will thrive and survive.

Any questions please  contact Kay on