Getting Here – Silverdale

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Key venues

The key venues accommodate a number of exhibitors as well as providing visitors with parking, refreshments, toilets and catalogue sales. They make good starting points for your ‘Trail experience’ as workshops and demonstrations may also be taking part there.

3 – Silverdale Golf Club, Redbridge Lane, Silverdale, LA5 0SP
16 – The Silverdale Hotel, Shore Road, Silverdale, LA5 0TP
18 – Silverdale Village Institute, Spring Bank, Silverdale LA5 0TD
20 – The Gaskell Hall, Emesgate Lane, Silverdale, LA5 0RA
21 – St John’s CE School, Emesgate Lane, Silverdale, LA5 0RF
26 – The Methodist Church Hall, Cove Road, Silverdale, LA5 0RR

By car

Getting here

The village is easily accessible from junction 35 of the M6 and is clearly signposted from the A6 at Carnforth and Milnthorpe. There will be signposts to indicate the best routes between the two villages.


There is parking available at all of the Key Venues but limited or none at the Private Venues. We have located additional parking at the following locations but this is strictly for the duration of the Art Trail.

P1 – Silver Saplings Guide Field, Park Road, LA5 0UH
P1 – National Trust car park, Eaves Wood, LA5 0UH
P2 – Silverdale Golf Club, Redbridge Lane, Silverdale, LA5 0SP
P3 – Gibraltar Farm, Lindeth Road, Silverdale, LA5 0UA
P4 – Silverdale Shore, LA5 0TP
P5 – Silverdale Masonic Hall, Emesgate lane, Silverdale, LA5 0RF
P6 – Silverdale School Playground, Emesgate Lane, Silverdale, LA5 0RF

By train

There are train links to both Arnside and Silverdale. A shuttle bus service connects Silverdale Station with the village centre but please note, this does not run on Sunday. For details of train times please contact Network Rail HERE

By bus

Silverdale has its own shuttle bus service, hop aboard if you want a rest. (charges apply)

The new timetable can be found here.


The village centre may be busy and become congested making parking difficult.

The footpaths marked on the map are to help you get around on foot. Please take care when walking on the roads, which can be narrow and busy, and keep well into the sides.

We Suggest

P1  Park at Silver Saplings Park and Ride (adjacent to Eaves Wood NT car park)
There is a Trail bus stop at this location. Walk left to the NT trust car park and follow footpath signs into Eaves Wood. Bear right following signs for Waterslack, venue 1, (5 mins) then retrace steps and follow straight on for Silverdale Village. The first junction, (10mins) that drops off to the right takes you to Park Road, near the Woodlands Hotel and the Methodist Church. Or the next right, at the seat, will drop you near venue 25 and Cove Road, (15 mins). We do not advise walking on Park Road, which is a main access road to the village.

From the Park and Ride you can also walk along the Row to venue 2, then continue to the next bend where a footpath will sign you up to Silverdale Village and the Church.

P2  Park at the Golf Club
There is a Trail bus stop at this location. You can walk across the fairway footpath to The Row. Venue 2 can be found just beyond the bend on the right. Retrace steps to the bend where a footpath is signed to Bottoms Lane. Cross the road, and then cross the field that brings you into the village behind St John’s Church. This is a lovely walk of about 25 minutes.

P3  Park at Gibraltar Farm – at the end of Lindeth Road.
Take in venues at Wolfhouse and an easy walk along Lindeth Road will bring you to the venues on Shore Road and the village centre (10 mins).

 P4  Park on the sea shore – check the tides
A 5 minute walk will bring you to the centre of the village passing many venues on Shore Road and a 10 minute walk will take you to the venues at the end of Lindeth Road. The sea shore to the Woodlands Hotel at the opposite end of the village, via Emesgate Lane, is approximately 25 minutes.

Silverdale Institute – Venue 18
There is only space for disabled parking at this venue. The easiest access is via the footpath from Emesgate Lane or to walk down Springbank from Stankelt Road